About Pixel Publish

Pixel Publish is a writing workspace, electronic publishing tool and online witer-editor collaboration tool for both established and aspiring authors. It’s our job to make it easy for you to go directly from manuscript to epub, mobi and pdf, so you can get your books out to millions of iPads, Kindles, Androids and more.

The works you create with Pixel Publish are completely and 100% your property. You may distribute them and sell them through any channels you prefer. There are no fees or royalties owed to Pixel Publish for the distribution of your work. You can think of us like your own modern typewriter and printing press for digital publishing all rolled into one.

Pixel Publish is currently available for beta testing by invite only. Please send us your e-mail address using the forum below if you are interested in being a part of our beta and receive word when we are ready to launch in full.

– Tea and Chris Nicola, The Pixel Publish Team